The DPA-1i instrument is indigenously designed and developed by UMA Electronics to make the testing Simpler, Faster, Accurate, and Reliable with its high performing DSP based circuitry and user-friendly operational features.


DPA-1i Rename now SPPT-1

It serves various industries in Electrical Machines (like Transformers, Motors, Stabilizer), Power Electronics (like UPS, Inverter, Rectifiers), and Lighting devices (CFL, Ballast, LEDs). The high-speed simultaneous sampling using 24-bit ADC ensures True RMS measurement for the wide range of input Voltage and Current. This instrument displays Voltage, Current, Frequency, Active Power, Power Factor, and Apparent Power simultaneously in a 7-Segment Display. The measurement is valid at all power factors and gives accurate results even in the presence of harmonics in the system.

The Meter is provided with a Hold facility. The functionality of the meter is further enhanced with a PC interfacing facility through USB Port. The accompanying software is capable of Data Logging and viewing the Meter Variables in real-time on the computer using the GUI provided.

Technical Specification:

Input Voltage :30 – 300 VAC
Input Current :Current MeterWatt (Minimum)1mA-500mA0.251mA-2A1.0020mA-5A2W20mA-20A2W50mA-80A3W
Measurement :True RMS
Resolution :Floating Decimal Point
Accuracy :Class 0.2 and for P.F. ± 0.005
Display :Four Rows 7- Segment Display
Aux. supply :230V ± 20%
Dimension(mm) :Front 130 by 280. Depth of 210
Measures and displays 6 parameters :Voltage,Current,Frequency,Power Factor,Apparent Power,Power.

Options Available:

  • Hold button Facility available
  • While new data gets refreshed quickly, the user may press the hold button to hold the data for the time she/he notes down the reading.
  • Computer Interfacing available

Interfacing Software


  • Captures and displays 6 parameters from the meter: Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power, Apparent Power and Power Factor.
  • Set Point/ Alarm Limits can be set for Current, Watt, and PF for 5 Models.
  • SetPoint Conditions reached: alarm on the computer, relay on meter energized
  • DataLogging facilities: all these six parameters can be logged on a file in the computer, which can be analyzed later


  • Operating System: WinXP or higher
  • Minimum 256 MB RAM
  • 10 MB disk space required by the software

What we provide:

  • Software CD with instructions
  • USB cable
  • Tutorial and Support. Customization is also available on request.

 Download the catalog of DPA-1i