Driver Testing Meter 1



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DTM-1 is an AC-DC converter testing instrument with harmonics. It is made to increase the quality of LED drivers/SMPS/AC-DC Converters at production. It contains a big Blue moon display to show AC parameters (left) and DC parameters (right) on the main page. The USB port and Pen-drive port are also optically isolated with an internal circuit for the safety of the user/operator. it also contains a Bar Code facility for fast and easy testing. and generate datasheet with barCode number and measured parameters. DTM has a facility to select the current range to make more accurate testing of the products. The current range started at 1mA to select 10Amp range.

DTM-1 Catalog

It tests both AC and DC parameters with harmonics and efficiency.

AC Parameters are –

Voltage, Current, Watt, PF, Frequency
Vthd, ATHD, Harmonics 1st to 55th

DC Parameters are –

Voltage, Current, Watt, Efficiency


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